Saturday 9 July 2016

The only Gandhi Left: Congress can make this audacious move with Priyanka Gandhi

Recent reports suggest the Congress party may formally induct Priyanka Gandhi, the sole Gandhi left who hasn't yet taken a shot at claiming leadership of India. Of course, since she is a Gandhi, she won't work her way up through the ranks. Much like Bollywood star launches, she is expected to straight away lead the upcoming UP election campaign. It's hard when a party needs a new leader and
the selection pool for the top job is limited to two reluctant siblings, one of whom has not clicked with voters. Hence, here are the presumable reasons for bringing in Priyanka, the only Gandhi left (TOGL). The family has for too long been the face of Congress. While the party is down and out right now, without the Gandhis it is a bit like AAP without Kejriwal or Agra without the Taj Mahal - just doesn't seem to make sense right?

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