Saturday 9 July 2016

Now, wheelchair avatars for disabled Xbox One gamers

In a move that will make Xbox One avatars significantly more inclusive for gamers, Microsoft is planning to make wheelchair options available. The news was confirmed by Xbox head Phil Spencer, who stepped into a conversation between two Twitter users discussing the possibility of creating a petition to bring in a wheelchair option for avatars, stating "no petition needed, we hear you. This is something we've already looked at, not far off." Shortly after this, Xbox engineering lead Mike
Ybarra tweeted a "sneak peek" of the coming update which showed two Xbox avatars in wheelchairs that were not-sosubtly Xbox-themed. It's also been noted that the avatars depicted in Ybarra's sneak peek appear to be visually improved with more detailed faces, leading fans to wonder if there's a more significant upgrade to be announced.

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