Friday 8 July 2016

Apple appoints point person for AppStore & iTunes for India market

NEW DELHI: Apple's Khushboo Ponwar, market development lead for App Store, Apple Music and iTunes, has been directed to focus solely on India, a market with strong growth amid slowing global sales for the Cupertino-based smartphone maker. Previously, Ponwar had been responsible for the App Store, Apple Music and iTunes business in the Middle East, Turkey, Africa and India. Apple declined to comment on the change of profile for Ponwar. y appointing a point person solely for the India market, Apple is sending out strong signals and making local strides in a market where iPhone sales grew 56 per cent on-year when Apple reported its first ever iPhone sales decline globally
India was among the few bright spots for Apple in its second quarter earnings, which saw its largest growing market China shrink - revenue fell by 11 per cent — and sales in developed markets slowing in the face of smartphone saturation.

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