Wednesday, 6 July 2016

China’s Midea set to take control at German robotics firm Kuka

6.Twitter suspends account of Nigerian militant group Niger Delta Avengers
Twitter on Monday suspended the account of Niger Delta Avengers, a militant group that has carried out a series of attacks on oil facilities in Nigeria in the last few months which pushed the country’s crude production to 30-year lows.

The Avengers have used a Twitter account as its main form of communication, using it to publicise claims of attacks and as a platform to criticise Nigeria’s government.

The group - which says it wants a greater share of Nigeria’s oil wealth to be passed on to communities in the impoverished Niger Delta region - posted messages on Sunday saying it had carried out five attacks in the last few days.

“This account has been suspended,” said a statement on the account. “We do not comment on individual accounts for privacy and security reasons,” said a spokesman for the social media site when asked about the reasons for the suspension.

However, the spokesman said the company’s policies included a “specific rule pertaining to violent threats” which states that “you may not make threats of violence or promote violence, including threatening or promoting terrorism”.

In February, Twitter said it had shut down more than 125,000 terrorism-related accounts since the middle of 2015, most of which were linked to the Islamic State group.

Many tech companies are increasingly taking stronger steps to police controversial content online in the face of threats from legislators to force the companies to report “terrorist activity” on their sites to law enforcement agencies.
7.Google cheers Juno spacecraft ‘s arrival in Jupiter with a doodle
NASA’s Juno probe entered the orbit of our solar system’s largest planetary inhabitant after a five-year journey, Google celebrated the scientific milestone with a doodle that says “Juno reaches Jupiter”.
NASA’s Juno probe entered the orbit of our solar system’s largest planetary inhabitant after a five-year journey, A NASA satellite built like a tank is settling into polar orbit around Jupiter, the mysterious gas giant two doors down from Earth,” Google said in a statement on Tuesday.Midea looked set to secure a 52.8 percent controlling stake in German robotics maker Kuka on Monday after shareholders Voith and
Friedhelm Loh sold their stakes to the Chinese bidder.China’s Midea launched a 4.5 billion-euro ($5 billion) offer for Kuka in May, the biggest attempted takeover of a German industrial technology company, sparking protests by some Berlin politicians concerned about key know-how falling in to foreign hands.
Midea and Kuka responded by unveiling an investor agreement which includes a commitment to keep on the existing headquarters, factories, and jobs.

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